Saturday, April 23, 2011

I- Spy around my house

Little Miss Momma has been doing an i-spy series, and i thought i would join... Check out her blog, it is so awesome, and she is adorable. Anyways here is a little piece of my house...

I spy an old picture of my beautiful grandma. and a vintage gold clutch!
I spy my old trusty computer, which i love, and my new vintage pillowcase.
I spy some creepy ghost children, me and my brothers. My mom was a little creped out by this.
I spy an adorable vintage hat, next to the mops? I really have no idea why it is there.
I spy my guitar, that I just started playing again.
I spy my globe that I got from a thrift store!
I spy our record player, which i just love to death, really its awesome!
I spy my little brothers music box collection, don't you just love the little sewing machine?
I spy a Polaroid camera that my brother got from an estate sale.

I spy my vintage camera that i got for $2 at a yard sale! My lil bro is so jealous of it.

This whole project thingy really made me appreciate all the things that I have and love that i see each day. I was blessed with a beautiful home and family...

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